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The Change Agent Trilogy

       Change | Facilitating Collaborative Change
Collaboratively implement effective organization change at a fraction of the cost of typical change management.
[Themes: Culture, Innovation, Performance]

       Strategy I Implementing Doable Vision & Strategy
Implement unimplemented strategic plans via the proven 3 stage TES model. [TES: Translate, Execute, Sustain]

       Leadership | Enabling Confident Leaders
Leadership: Develop untapped leadership potential through the SVP Collaborative Leadership model.
[Model: Skills, Values, Principles]

Selected Market Solutions

  • Local Government and Small Gov. Agencies
    Implement the plethora of unimplemented community, environmental and strategic plans some of which may have been gathering dust for years.
  • Businesses
    Implement change collaboratively at a fraction of the cost of change management and without the pain of disorganized grassroots change.
  • NGOs
    Implementation plans, develop untapped leadership talent and do more with less to help NGOs survive and thrive in a complex ever-changing environment.
  • Education: Schools, colleges and universities
    Unlock the ability to implement strategy, innovate and continuously improve by working collaboratively.





       Strategy Implementation

       Strategy Development

       Kick-off meetings & retreats;

       Cultural and goal alignment;





       Ceremonial and closure events;


       Project, Strategy. performance improvement, problem solving, policy development, culture change


       Strategy, Change, Leadership


       Group problem solving, Business and community (non legal)  Mediation




TinCAN U | Courses

Professional Development Courses

        Change Agent Development Program
[Independent and organisational change agents]


Short Courses

  • Facilitating community & Workplace Collaboration
  • Change Agent 101
  • VITAL Meetings Toolkit
  • Facilitation for Non Facilitators
  • Implementing 'doable' vision & strategy

Learning Options

  • Individual e-mentoring [Public & Inhouse]
  • Group e-mentoring [Public & Inhouse]
  • Workshops [Public & Inhouse]


6 x Core Tools

       Collaborative Change Model

       VeSPA | One Page Strategic  Plan

       TES | Strategy Implementation Model

       QUEST | Change Facilitation Toolkit

       VITAL | Project Meetings Toolkit

       Collaborative Leadership Model

12 x Vision & Strategy Tools

12 x Change Tools

12 x Leadership tools

12 x Workshop Facilitation Tools [QUEST]

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